Who Is Sonya Deville Partner? WWE Star Girlfriend Name And Instagram

Sonya Deville aka Daria Rae Bernato is a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. Let’s learn more about Sonya Deville and her partner. 

Sonya Deville is a favorite among fans for her wrestling moves and her talk, She is a Heel who acts as a villain in wrestling giving her authority to do outrageous things in the ring.

Sonya gained popularity through her contest season in 2015 of WWE Tough Enough, where she finished 11th place. She signed a contract with WWE’s performance center in Orlando, Florida.

Sonya Deville Partner: Girlfriend Name Revealed

Sonya Deville’s girlfriend is Arianna Johnson, both of them seem to share a close relationship, and their chemistry, trust, and faith towards one another seem to strengthen this relationship.

Arianna is a social media influencer, she seems to have quite a lot of sponsorships, also her following is about 40k also her partner seems to have more than 1 million followers.

Moreover, the couple seems to quite go on vacations, escapades, and holidays, they seem to have been quite open about their relationship.

Sonya is open about her relationship with Arianna, both of them seem to showcase the glamour of their relationship on her Instagram. Nonetheless, they are likely to have a happy and long bonding.

Is Sonya Deville Still Together With Zahra Schreiber?

Sonya Deville and Zahra Schreiber do not seem to be together, as the couple separated due to personal differences. Zahra was quite popular when she was together with Sonya.

Similarly, she also worked in WWE’s developmental system, but she was fired by the company as Zahra had posted insensitive material in 2012.

Zahra seems to have a tattoo of Swastika and she also uploaded a post about the Nazi party sign which brought criticism towards WWE and Zahra.

Moreover, Zahra and Sonya’s relationship was only for 2 years as they separated due to conflict and differences with each other.

Sonya Deville Net Worth & Adam Pearce Dispute

Sonya is worth around 1 million dollars, she seems to receive a salary of 150,000 dollars from WWE, and her earnings are significant for her to handle her lucrative lifestyle.

Moreover, through her Instagram following and sponsorships, she is likely to earn significant wealth through her professional endeavors ahead.

Sonya was unable to control her aggression during her consecutive loss match, overwhelmed with her emotions she attacked the referee in the match.

Thus, Sonya was fined by Adam Pearce, he later stated that she paid a fine to Adam but Sonya denied such claims as she stated that she has not used money in order to pay the fine.

Therefore, she will pay out the penalty to the concerned authority with the appropriate method ahead. She called out Adam for his false story on Twitter.