Who Was Michael Lush and What Happened To Him In The Late Late Breakfast Show?

Michael Lush passed away while performing a stunt for the BBC’s The Late Late Breakfast Show on 13th November 1986. This has been stated as the darkest day in the history of British Television.

The BBC gave Lush’s family an ex gratia payment of about £120,000. Although the coroner suggested safety officers be present during any similar subsequent stunts, BBC managing director Bill Cotton said that there would be no additional programs that put the public in danger.

Here is everything you need to know about the then young man and the details regarding the unfortunate incident.

Who Was Michael Lush On The Late Late Breakfast Show?

Michael Lush was a 24-year-old young man from South Hampton. He was reported to be a self-employed hod carrier, a person on a building who carried bricks in a free-sided box.

Everything was going normal until one day; he was asked to participate as a stuntman on The Late Late Breakfast Show, known for featuring dangerous and life-threatening stunts. His girlfriend nominated him for the whirly wheel by his girlfriend, and he was called live on the show on the 8th of November 1986 and was asked to perform a task called Hang ’em High.

Instantly accepting the offer, Lush said that everyone thought of him as mad to have said yes to such a stunt, but he was quite excited to try it out. It was just a matter of a bottle for him, and he was into doing anything that came up on his way.

The most heartbreaking part is where he joked that his girlfriend Allison mentioned getting married before the day of the stunt.  Further, his decision was taking a toll on his mother’s mind. She simply could not understand why he was so engrossed in doing the show. To this, he replied that he wanted to be famous. Alas! he was popularly known because of his connection to the BBC show and the unfortunate incident that took his life.

The official show was going live on the 15th of November, but the training had to be given two days prior to when the accident happened.

What Happened To Michael Lush? Accident And Death On The Late Late Breakfast Show

On the 13th of November, Lush was very excited about the rehearsals of the stunt he was going to perform live on national television. He got with the team, and after learning the tricks, he tried it.

A 120-foot-high crane was used in the “Hang ’em High” stunt, which entailed bungee jumping from an exploding box. During the jump, the carabiner clip holding his bungee rope to the crane broke off from its eyebolt.

After Edmonds resigned, claiming he did not “have the heart to keep on,” the show was canceled on November 15, 1986, and he passed away instantaneously after colliding with something and suffering serious injuries. One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing was screened in place of the scheduled program that was supposed to air that evening.

The jury was made aware of a number of BBC failures even though the inquiry returned a judgment of mishappening.

The clip could have been opened by the weight of a bag of sugar, according to Graham Games of the Health and Safety Executive, who also demonstrated that the clip came loose 14 out of every 20 times.

A bungee expert from the Dangerous Sports Club named David Kirke claimed that a similar act he had been a part of had utilized three ropes rather than the one rope used by the BBC and shackles rather than carabiner clips.  Andrew Smith, the safety officer, wasn’t present, and there hadn’t been any stuntman supervision or demonstration.

Ultimately, it was discovered that Lush was wearing wet boots prior to jumping, which, while it did not cause the disaster, was nonetheless a safety issue.