Why Did Brett DeLaura Leave The Real Love Boat? What Happened?

Brett DeLaura left The Real Love Boat because of Crohn’s disease and its health complications.

The show claimed that the man left the show after some sort of illness forced him out of the ship. It didn’t open up about the man’s health problem, so the fans who were hoping the man to stick around for a long time in the love show are disappointed by the news of his illness. 

Similarly, despite multiple fans’ questions, DeLaura has not addressed any queries about his absence from the boat. Hence, what actually happened to him is still unknown to the outsider audience.

CNN59 mentions that Brett likely has Crohn’s disease, which impacts the digestive system and creates problems such as stomach discomfort and diarrhea. However, the source also lacks official information and states the condition as gossip.

Brett DeLaura Illness And Health Update

Brett DeLaura suffered from an illness during the show’s filming, but the man appears to be in good health at present.

Although DeLaura has not given a health update by himself, his recent Instagram posts, where he has interacted with the fans, show him in good spirits. He doesn’t seem to struggle with any kind of ailment.

Hence, Brett is believed to be in good health at the moment. The problem that kept him out of the second episode of The Real Love Boat was likely a short-term problem. So, there is a possibility that he might be back for other bouts.

Brett DeLaura Age And Family Details

The 36-year-old Brett DeLaura has a loving family with his parents and two brothers.

He has frequently shared pictures of his mom and dad on his Instagram, wishing them on birthdays and other occasions. But the man hasn’t revealed their names or further background details. 

Besides his parents, Brett also has two brothers in his family, whose names are Brandon and Bry. The three brothers are musicians who perform jointly under the stage name Holiday State. They make a sweet family with strong love and support for each other.

The musician also seems to have a niece and cousins, as he has shared photos with them on social media.

Some FAQs

Why Did Brett DeLaura Leave The Real Love Boat?

Brett DeLaura left The Real Love Boat due to an undisclosed illness as the show claimed.

How Old Is Brett DeLaura?

Born in 1986, The Real Love Boat cast Brett DeLaura is 36 years old.

What Kind Of Illness Does Brett DeLaura Has?

Brett DeLaurs reportedly suffers from Crohn’s disease but there is no official confirmation.