Why Was Cheeseaholic Arrested? Charges And Fact Check On The Matter- Where Is He Now?

Cheeseaholic is a famed young YouTuber and gamer. He runs the NBA 2K-themed channel Cheeseaholic, where he teaches viewers how to improve their dribbling skills, exploit various game bugs and take advantage of different game flaws.

On his channel, he presently has 1.31 million subscribers. He also has several vlogs and prank movies on his channel. On December 26, 2014, he launched his own-name YouTube account. His video from June 2017 called “MY BROTHER KNOCKED ME OUT ON STREAM” became the first of his to reach that milestone.

His brother has regularly appeared on his YouTUbe channel. In one of his YouTube videos, ayyyMark and Cheeseaholic squared off. He has currently uploaded 235 videos on his YouTube channel.

Why Was Cheeseaholic Arrested? Charges And Fact Check On The Matter

Since the intense competition for views and subscribers sometimes prompts improper behavior from some users on the network, scandal is never far away for YouTubers.

Cheeseaholic is one YouTuber that has recently been in the social media limelight. In a video a YouTuber uploaded to his YouTube channel, he claimed that he had been jailed for two days on gun charges, and they helped him on 50 thousand bills. And he also revealed that he gets harassed by the police for illegally searching everything, and they end up finding his gun. 

Since his release, he has spoken out and made videos about his time in prison.

Where Is Cheeseaholic Now? 

Cheeseaholic is now in Brockton, Massachusetts, in the USA, with his family. A YouTuber was born in an Afro-American family on September 18, 2000. He has a brother with whom he spends his entire childhood days. 

He usually features his older brother in his YouTube videos. Some of these videos are My Big Brother Knocked Me Out After I Beat His Huge Win Streak NBA 2K19, and My Big Brother Ended My 100 Game Streak Someone Got Knocked Out NBA 2K21. 

A YouTuber currently has 1.31 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Many people have liked his YouTube videos as we see her increasing popularity on the internet. Not only on YouTube, but he is also active on Instagram and Twitter. 

A well-known gamer is active on Instagram under the username @cheeseaholic, and currently has 226k followers and 42 posts. Cheeseaholic is a very active social media user who often likes to share pictures with his family, friends, and loved ones. Similarly, we can find Cheeseaholic on Twitter under the handle @Cheeseaholic_YT. He currently has 124.2k followers and has been on Twitter since October 2018. 

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Cheeseaholic Real Name And Age

Cheeseaholic, a YouTuber and gamer, age 22, has kept his real name a secret. He favors a low-key way of living and keeps his information hidden from the public. Therefore, the vast majority of his data is now unavailable online. 

A YouTuber was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, on September 18, 2000. He became well-known after making a YouTube video. Cheeseaholic also has several vlogs and prank movies on his channel.

He has already shaped his career tremendously at a very young age, and by the looks of things, it is just getting stronger.

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