Is Kirill Kaprizov Arrested? If Yes, Why?

No, Kirill Kaprizov is not yet arrested by the Russian officials, although there are reports of his being on the wanted list in the country.

The reason for his arrest is reportedly connected to actions dating back to five years. As reported by The Athletic, Kaprizov is wanted in Russia for allegedly buying a falsified military ID card in 2017. However, despite the claims, the allegiance is yet to be proven.

According to Russian legislation, every man between 18 and 27 must serve a year in the military. While most people do this personally, others buy fake IDs from high-ranking officers to escape military service.

Recently, Philadelphia Flyers’ prospect Ivan Fedotov was arrested for allegedly evading the mandatory military service and was accused of purchasing a fake ID from a high-ranking officer. This officer reportedly sold such IDs to other Ufa athletes, and Kirill is connected to this circle.

What Are Kirill Kaprizov Charges?

Kirill Kaprizov’s charges are related to buying a fake military ID and evading mandatory military service as per the country’s law.

The news broke out following the arrest of Fedotov and Kirill’s link to Ufa and other connecting circles. However, the athlete’s father denied the claims and stated that his son had proper training from RANEPA.

Sources report that the athletes often study from afar as a reason to delay their military obligations, and Kaprizov might be involved in the same cycle.

Where Is Kirill Kaprizov Now?

Kirill Kaprizov is still in Russia and hasn’t returned to the United States, as revealed by the Wild GM.

Reports were that the athlete had fled to the United States, but Minnesota’s general manager, Bill Guerin, gave a contracting message and said that the player was still returning from his home country. The man kept his cool and said they were not worried about the situation but instead trying to analyze it thoroughly.

Currently, Kaprizov is still in Russia amid its turmoil with Ukraine, and any further reports on his whereabouts and situation are not publicized.