WNBL: Who Is Chloe Bishop, Abby Bishop Sister? Family Details

This article will discuss the information about Abby Bishop Sister and more about her Wikipedia and biography. 

Bishop is an Australian professional basketball player who has played for the Australian national team and in various professional leagues worldwide.

Bishop began her professional career in 2008 when she signed with the Australian Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) team, the Canberra Capitals.

She has also played for other WNBL teams, including the Adelaide Lightning, West Coast Waves, and Sydney Uni Flames.

In addition to her success in the WNBL, Bishop has played professionally in Europe for teams in France, Hungary, and Turkey.

She has also represented the Australian Opals at the 2014 FIBA World Championship and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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WNBL: Who Is Chloe Bishop, Abby Bishop Sister?

In August 2013, Abby Bishop and her older sister Chloe came to a mutual agreement for Abby to take custody of her niece Zala. At the time, Chloe was living in Darwin.

Abby Bishop took legal custody of her two-day-old niece, Zala, in August 2013 and cared for her for 12 months.

If Abby hadn’t taken legal custody of Zala, she would have gone into foster care in the Northern Territory as Zala’s mother, Chloe, was unwell and unable to care for her.

Abby decided to take care of Zala, which she found rewarding. Being a new mother was initially challenging for Abby, but her maternal instinct kicked in, and she found it easy to adapt.

Despite not carrying Zala for nine months, Abby felt a strong bond with her niece and saw her as one of her own.

After she legally had custody of Zala, people often got curious to learn about her sister and her suffering. Still, she did not disclose much information about her sister. 

Abby Bishop Parents- Family Details 

Abby Bishop was born into a supportive family who encouraged and supported her basketball career from a young age.

Abby was born and raised in Australia, where she developed a passion for basketball at a young age.

Her parents recognized her talent in the sport and encouraged her to pursue it. With their support, Abby was able to excel on the court and eventually make a name for herself as a professional player.

Despite the lack of information available about Abby’s parents, it is clear that they have played a significant role in her success.

Their support and encouragement have helped Abby to achieve her goals and become one of the most respected players in the WNBL.

In addition to her basketball career, Abby is known for her dedication to her family. In 2013, she took legal custody of her newborn niece, Zala, and cared for her for 12 months.

This decision was a testament to her love and commitment to her family, and it earned her the respect and admiration of fans worldwide.

Abby Bishop Net Worth 2023

According to the source, professional basketball player Abby’s net worth is $5 million. 

Bishop’s income primarily comes from her professional basketball career. As a highly regarded player in the (WNBL) in Australia, she has earned significant revenue from her contracts with various teams.

In addition, Abby has also played for teams overseas, which has provided her with additional income.

Aside from her basketball career, Abby has also earned income through various endorsements and sponsorships.

Bishop has been a brand ambassador for companies such as Adidas and has also appeared in various advertising campaigns.

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